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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 1, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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heather: breaking news, campus attack. >> i was terrified. heather: a deadly rampage inside classroom. the victims, the survivors. >> running for our lives. ed: the anger. >> president obama: somehow this has become routine. underway right now. heather: destruction from hurricane joaquin. on the move gaining strength. ed: harvey with the latest track and the possible change. ed: we are taking you live now to rose bush, oregon. you can see the crowd that held together for candlelight vigil to honor the victims of the oregon college massacre. at least nine lives cut violently short. police swarming the apartment of the accused can canner tonight. heather: they are talk bag that terrifying attack. phil lipof is track it. phil. phil: police say he was armed with three guns, two handguns
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and a rifle. the candlelight vigil you showed is being held right fou on campus as investigators try desperately to fig do you remember out why ten ohm are dead tonight. i was terrified. i have never been more terrified for my life, ever. phil: the first shot in the small town of roseberg in umpqua community. >> officers around the county peedly responded to the college, and upon arriving there, they located the shooter in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspect. was an exchange of gunfire. phil: the campus in chaos. students running for their lives. >> i look out the window. there was couple of girls running, sprinting away thing about much then i hear screaming the first gunshot. then, i look out. i saw the people reason aring. i said we need to get out of here right now. phil: parent ares not able to find their kids. i don't know where she is at. i don't know if she is wounded
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somewhere. i have no idea. phil: ambulances taking the wound hospital. the shooter identified as 26-year-old chris harper mercer shot and killed by price police. the suspect is done. we got put mel gunshot wounds. multiple ambulances on the scene. phil: tonight, the investigation into merseer's background is just getting started. federal investigators are there in oregon tonight trying to identify all the victims then get their families. still no word yet right now on a motive. seven people remain in the hospital. three of them in critical can be. president obama. this has become routine. heather: the emotional president obama says thoughts and prayers are not enough tonight. he is again calling for action. president obama: that is political does that we make.
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this happens every few months in america. we, collectively, are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones because of our inaction. heather: the president is again calling for tighter gun control laws. this is at least eighth time in his presidency that he has addressed the nation after a mass shooting. ed: the tragedy has campus security thrown back into the spotlight. both students and the people charged with keeping them safe thinking about what if. newscenter5's jorge quiroga is live in boston. he continues our breaking news coverage. jorge: even in an isolated school campus like you mass boston. >> i think about it a lot, actually. especially if you ever cornered in like room or whatever. jorge: college students are on the minds. >> i am here every day. >> i often ny a shooting happens right now. what would with i do? jorge: 17,000 students protect
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>> the way we train. it is not this happens. it is when it happens. it is scary that i way. >> they meet once a year. >> we continue can to look, prepare, ton father intelligence and stay on top of situations. different. jorge. on this day, everyone rivetted to the tragic newsous of or con. umass chief james overton all too fa hillier well the worst case scenario. in 2007, just months after the virginia tech massacre, he was the chief at delaware state university when a student there shot two others killing one. >> whatever, the aftermath after shooting, you wait for lessons learned to see if we are not doing something we should be doing. ed: jorge quiroga reporting tonight. every campus has safety plan. one new tat tick peg used at
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umass, tracking social media. not unusual for would-be shooters to telegraph the motives and the plans on-line. heather: now to the storm brewing down south. hurricane joaquin remains a dangerous category 4 right now. this is the damage the storm is doing in the bahamas. winds hit 125 miles per hour and cover roads with water. now joaquin's path is shifting a bit. harvey is here with that, and another bout of rain for us. mar i have: yeah. we have nasty he weather. joe aquince unbelievably strong. category four. note it is stationary in the bahamas, then it will start to move northward, then it gets interesting. all right. let's check it out for you to show you what we are look. a first of all, throws the wind gusts. i want to back up on this a little bit, because i want to get you to the storm itself in. that's the first thing first then we get our local situation. how to as far as joe aquince concerned.
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look at the well defined eye. see it there. note it is spinning in place and not too far from florida. it will begin to drift north tomorrow and slightly faster though ready fo and northeast. hurricane warning withs over a large chunk of the bahamas that time. we have seen shift. now, almost all of the best computer molds we have, keep this offshore south and east of us and off the east coast. and so, the ntional hurricane center has adjusted their track, still very potent, probably going to pass maybe halfway between the carolinas and her butte did a possibly closer to bermuda to the center are but still gusty winds and rain but look at how far south and east of us it is as you look at the track. even the western edge would spare us and all the way as far east as this. that is a shift and that is good news overall. but it is windy and different weather with system come plotly but significant in its own right. we have wind advisory for tomorrow and the coastalled
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intoed as have are in effect. rain are has been moving in sp. there is more that is coming. it is very cool as well. pecks a rainy, windy raw day tomorrow along with the coast. feeling lake money nor'easter, temperatures only in the 46 tee around 50. we falk the weekend weather in a few minutes. ed? ed: speak of windy, are flooding concern cans along the coast tonight and it is not because of joaquin. wcvb newscenter 5's john atwater is live in marshfield and people there bracing for trouble. john? john: ed, pretty miserable down here tonight with the wind ante rain. this neighborhood has new line chief fence. now this, this is the old seawall here, but you see the new seawall here built just this summer. about 2.5 feet taller. it is much stronger. thewiest howling. twisting fence post as it whips down the streets. >> 39 east-northeast. john: stirring up already astronomically high tide. lots of wind.
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the drill before. chaser. we have not cleaned it up from the summer. cleaned al the purn ture up. >> new this you year, to this neighborhood, it is really a lot of protects. >> a prand new seawall. >> 2.5 feet. that is a big difference. so now let's hope they get a little i have over rather than the full force. >> i feel much safer that the watt with weir stay on that side ant not come over. today and tomorrow are the first tests and before the at the that is now parrelling through. >> now i am hoping that the hurricane goes out to sea and doesn't come get us. >> so a lot of confidence that this new seawall will protect the neighborhoods over here, and tankfully no major flooding forecasts nor area. live marshfield tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: also break tonight, 14 people have been killed in a u.s. military plane crash in afghanistan.
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among the dead, plus tif private contractors. abc news is reporting tonight, the other three sick tems were afghans who were on the ground. the c-130 transport plane crashed approaching airport in ji lal la bad. the mean was not shotdown. heather: commitment 2016. democratic frontrunner, hillary clinton, goes one-on-one with newscenter 5. we are hearing her first response to the oregon college massacre. ed: our mary saladna has the news that clinton is to making tonight. mary: first sat down with our own janet and it was clear the latest mass shooting affected her deeply. hillary: i am sick of this. i am sick about about it. i feel an absolute urgency for this country to start being sensible about keeping guns away from people who should not have them. >> hillary clinton saying universal background checks and
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much to ask to keep innocent people from being slaughtered. she said she is not atrade tike in the nra. hillary: will try dotering i can as a president to raise up an equally large vocal groupp that is going to be a counterbalance. we're going to tell legislatures, do not be afraid t. stand up to these people, because major think of population and the may vortive gun owners agree that there should be a union versional back ground checks. the na has stood in the way. >> as for the dop front runner. clinton will take on trum arep too. if it comes to that. >> i don't nay much attention to them, jan met. you though? i pay attention to what he says which i think is harmful going after, you poe, hard-working immigrant familys, singling out muslims for, you know, the kind. he has been equal opportunity insulter. the things he has said about women is beyond.
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repeated in there campaign because what he is saying. >> hillary clinton, today, side stepped questions about the possibility that vice president joe biden could enter the race. live boston tonight, perisa flad, newscenter 5. ed: we tern our attention to bernie sanders. then he will attend a rally at the convention center in south boston on saturday night. heather: we've learned of a second person has died after contracting west nile virus. the victim is a woman in her 90's. she was from suffolk county and it is believed she contracted the virus there. the other victim, whose death we learned about earlier this week, was also from suffolk county. the mosquito threat there has been raised to high. heather: disturbing details from governor charlie baker as we learn more the death of a home. the dov nor speaking of unacceptable series of dcf failure after reading a state were on the conway case. medical findings in the report
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ind did it that the child died of heatstroke. the governor also blames a breakdown in dcf procedures. >> at different times, too many children were assigned to live in the foster home despite the glaring fact that there was not enough space. the failures outlined in this must and will be promptly correcttoned sure the safety of other children in the care of the department. heather: two dcf gleams have been reaand could face further disciplinary action. announcer: next on wcvb newscenter 5. recalled dishwashers going up in flames. why they are still in thousands of new england homes. ed: dunkin' donuts closing stores. harvey. rough surf, coastal concerns,
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the recall involves the boss shall dishwashers fighting a potential fire hazard. they learned about that the hardway and back in september a fire break out at the home in warren detrying the kitchen. the cause was their dishwasher. >> when she said it withs a bosch. they were familiar type. this is a probably with the electrical circuitry down low to the right-hand side. firefighters in warren, rhode island, responded to seven fears since january all caused by dishwashers. it is believed more than 600,000 of those machines are being used in home and have not been fixed yet. ed: an armed robber in texas picked the wrong group of foam mug. he tried to grab the cram. that robber not thinking before he tried to grab the camera from a film production crew at gunpoint which was recording.
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the gopro still taking photos every five seconds, captured this shot of the arm seen here wearing a red shirt. the pictures have been to police and media outlets in hope of finding the suspect. ed: i i will lit on inside work. we should have had calm are on harvey all night because he has opinion working by the computers because this is, be what, har zy not only the hurricane to figure out where it is going, but the weather that is here now which doesn't have any thing to do with the hurricane. harvey: it is going to become more so over the next 36 hours. that was what need pay attention about as we are concerned.
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we're at 54 but look at the wind. 23 miles per hour sustained out of the authority east. le the northeast wind gusty to strong for another 48 hours or so. that tens to build the seas and the tides are still high astronomically. you get coastal flooding. temperatures are in the upper 40's to mid 50's across the region at this time lows in the 40's to around 50 by morning. then temperatures with the clouds, the wind, the rain tomorrow, only going to stay in the 50's. now look at the wind gust along the coast. worcester's wind gust is baits is elevated. most along the coast, southeastern mass and the cape. that is where the winds will stay the strongest and because they are are going to get gustier at times, we had were ares of 40 to 45 miles-per-hour gusts around hingeham. we have a wind advisory for the cape and the islands but windy all along the coast. 25 to 30. some gusts could be as high as 40 to 50. not out of the question. few tree limbs will come down over the next 48 hours. the tides are still high astronomically, though, getting
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a little bit lower each day. that means the time of high tide tomorrow which is around 3:00, from a couple of hours before, a couple of hours after, coastal roads, may take on water, some may have to be closed. the usual culprits when you goette the situation and possibly even some basements could take on some water, too, along the shore lynn. you know if you are vulnerable by the past experience. not a haze jor situation however. now, i want to show you. the front that came through andle coulded us off is not a far off the coast with a littlele ripples move along it. that is what produces the rainfall over the next 36 hours here f. some of that rain could be prolific down the extreme southeastern mass and the cape. that is where the heaviest bands are going to be moving. all right, we're seeing that steady rain down there. light rain elsewhere. andp we take you out in time. notice how the heave crist rain is over southeastern mass and the cape. much lighter even nonexistent border. it is saturday. still dam at times from boston southward near the shoreline. sunday, though, probably rain
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free and maybe even some brightening during the course of the afternoon. as far as joaquin is concerned, easily the strongest one of the season. still been strengthing parlay moving just about stationary now pates will change direction in the next 12 to 24 hor. we had big model shift the overall to this the east in the hast 24 hour. you see that powerful as we get you up yos and personal with the storm but now spinning in place. however, with all of these warningsng loo the bahamas they will seen thely he get taken down once the storm starts making the move. these are all different molds this. they are all over this police but now look that the clustering offshore. that is the main thing and the strongest models we have are now all keeping it offshore so the hurricane center has revised its track and keeping it significantly offshore. no direct hit anywhere along the east coast. that is the good news. remember, we got nasty weather for the next 36 hours that has nothing to do with the storm. nonetheless, we keep a careful eye ob. i 24 hours ago. had concerns because it looks
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like to circulation could drab the storm but now it looks like that is less likely it will remain a separate feature and that is the good news because that keeps it away from the east coast. all right. check it out. over he next several days. here is what i want you to notice about tomorrow. almost lake opinion ny nor'easter along the coast and look at the wind gusts at 30 to 40 miles per hour blus are in and sig condition amounts. maybe 1 to 3 inches at the cape. then it stays windy right on into saturday at least slightly less wind by the time we get to sunday. so looks like sundays the better of the two weekend days. saturday is still damp but not as wet as tomorrow. then a stretch of nice weather as long as gentlemen aquinn behalves itself and stays far out at sea and stay tuned for all up with dates in case. heather, ted? >> i will speak to joaquin for you. new tonight, a security breach in a may cell phone carrier. >> millions of customers affected with what the company is doing about it may you not have feeling much better.
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and i get to be that person all over again.
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heather: hackers hit the t-mobile wireless network, $15 million customers compromised. stolen data includes social security numbers, home addresses and birth dates. the hackers actually got the information from credit card reporting agency experian. which t-mobile uses to check the credit status of its customers. tonight, t-mobile is offering hacked customers two years of free credit monitoring from experian. ed: he used harvey's forecast.
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ready for the weekend weather
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reporter: the win was 10,000 for the yankees. the sox now head to cleveland for don orsillo's final three games. jerry remy, a little gene kelly right now singing in the rain. check out remy. it is pretty good.
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not too bad. why not? the rem dog. a little tribute to the partner don orsillo. bridge hill, they took him out of the sixth inning and gave up the home run. ares. the bullpen came in to give two more later. how this is snag here are bee only a the back? that is pretty good-looking. so the yankees win there in up the playoffs. the wildcard team. that one game playoff coming up earlier this tweak see if they move ton the next round 4-1 was all right. down in baltimore. orioles are playing out. check out manny with the third base. great staff of there. that is a long throw, folks. that is long, thrown. 120 feet. look at it again. shades of robinson who used to hake this stuff look routine. all right. we go from baltimore to at-too. a short stop. he does the same ing. that is a long throw, too. great peck out of the dirt by nick swisher. one more time here. good enough to make the stop. get up to get the throw.
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a speedy run arer as well well. now we go to sandying a we do. travis over against the rail. got. i that is where he will be calling games next year. you stay classy there travis s. tom brady and stephen gostowski both honored today. brady afc offensive player of the month. gostowski afc special teams player for the same time period. reporter: the win was 10,000 for the yankees. that will be followed by boston english and oston light. >> it is incredible. i really have no words to describe it. i was really, really excited. to actually be here and it is surreal now. it ismazing. we'll flay year. it is a great experience. baseball, i will play football, it is amazing. that.
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it was really school. how biting is actually. >> everyone says, no one remembers are 11 games before. >> i can believe that. we're standing out here right now. it will be great thanksgiving morning. >> all right. finally, we planned on bring you the 6:00 tonight and last night, a group of sisters from arizona statetainedded the arizona diamond backs' baseball game and take a pick. right here. i have where it and little song if you would like know sing. i. >> take me hit to pal came. take me out to the crowd. give me some selfies and crackerjacks, i don't care about any of your with would be's cracks. it is click, click for the self fans we don't feel any shame. for it is one, two, three clicks we're out at selfie pal game. [applause] how about that? >> oh, my. still taking them. >> there was a game going on i
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>> that is like kim kardashian. >> that is funny. >> very good. >> a true sign of the times. oh, outstanding. heather: your best guess on the hr can is it is not a problem for us? harvey. right. we have problem with wind, rain, coastal stuff not due to the hurricane. ed: just flat-out yucky
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